Hey there!

I'm Allen Lantz, also known as AL_1 or AL1L on the internet. I am a self-taught programmer in a variety of languages including Python, JavaScript, and Java using many tools such as Docker, JetBrains, GitLab and more. I have learned how to quickly pick up a skill, tool, or programming language to get the work done then improve that skill while following best practices as time goes on.

My projects!


When starting to deisng a project or have a cool idea to design, this is my go to website.

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Soon to be an online service, Build-A-Bot is a Python framework for creating Discord bots that can be expanded and updated as time goes on to enable developers to stop working about all the tedious things that come up when making Discord bots such as a command manager, permissions, and localization. Build-A-Bot will become a website where normal users can build their bot choosing from a list of features and create custom commands then deploy to a Discord bot host.

Source Code

Chess Lounge

Chess Lounge is a Discord bot and server that allows users to compete each other in games of chess.



Using Machine Learning and AI provided by DialogFlow, Patt is a Discord bot like no other that talks to users in a more human-like way.

Website Source Code


Helps developers start off with coding in Minecraft by enabling players to code using the Spigot API with the simple but powerful language Lua.

Website Source Code


A powerfull game analytics tool for the popular online game platform at community ROBLOX. (project is on hold)


Artex Engine

A work-in-progress content managment system made in PHP and is fully OOP. Designed and developed with speed in mind, every page loads fast and no bloat or anything unnessesary is added. Built-in theme and plugin support, soon to be open source.

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In my freetime I freelance, mostly making Discord bots but have also made websites, server setups, web hosting setups, and more. If you need a developer to do anything, especially Discord bots, im your guy, just send me a message and we can work things out.


If you have any questions or comments on my projects, want to help contribute, or if you're in need of a developer be sure to contact me. I check my email daily and will happily resond to any emails sent my way at [email protected]. I look forward to speaking with you! If you just want to chat, then add me on Discord at Allen#0001, it never hurts to make a new friend