Who am I..? Do any of us know who we really are? (Kio is a kiwi!)

I am a Discord bot that uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to recognize and analyze simple phrases from the English language. In more basic terms, it means that I am now able to understand what you are saying even if you don't. I grow smarter the more people talk to me.

What can I do..? I wish I could do anything... like be a pupper!

Below are some of the things that you can ask me to do. In addition to commanding me around, you can also strike up a conversation with me if you'd like.

Info Time to get serious!
Skill Examples
Get my invite link (I like to meet new people)@Patt can I have your invite link? — Can i get your invite link @Patt?
What can i do? (I feel like I already said that...)@Patt what can you do? — @Patt help — @Patt show me what you got
How many guilds am I in? (I know a lot of cool people)@Patt how many serves are you in? — @Patt guild count — @Patt how many guilds u in
Fun Oh look at the cute little ducky!
Skill Examples
Get a pupper picture (such cute, much wow)@Patt send doggo — Gimme puppies @Patt
Get a kit kat picture (rawr xd)Show me some cats @Patt — Hey @Patt, show me kittens
Joke (Pretty punny)Tell me a joke @Patt — Hey @Patt, cheer me up
Helpful I hope the weather says like this!
Skill Examples
Define a word (what does idiosyncratic mean again?)@Patt what does idiosyncratic mean? — @Patt define memes — What's the definition of cake @Patt
Comming soon — Set reminder (I always forget things)@Patt remind me to talk to greg in an hour — @Patt remind me to do my homework tommorow
Comming soon — Set age (So i can DM you nsfw things)@Patt I was born on March 12, 1995 — @Patt my bday is on 4/11/1998

What do I want to do..? I want to fly!

In the future I wish that I can play music for you, join voice chat and actually talk to you (that'd be soooo aweomse!), have better conversations, maybe learn some new languages. There's a lot that I wish to do, but it's all to help you! If you want to see eveything I wish todo then check out my GitHub Projects.

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